Ensuring fluid, thorough and collaborative strategic planning and decision making processes.


Support corporate directors towards a strategic and forward thinking governance.


Executive coaching for a mindful, collaborative and sustainable leadership.

Strategic Session

With a unique mix of coaching, facilitation and consulting, we set the stage for strategic design thinking and decision making. Off-site strategic retreats for Board of Directors and executive teams provide for a unique moment to hold crucial conversations under the skilled support of executive coaches, strategists and experts. Together, we review, question, validate and decide. And most of all, we build an audacious and shared strategic project for the betterment of your organization.

Strategic Planning and Process

We understand your goals and guide you through an adapted reference process that is true to your corporate values and culture, gives a voice to major stakeholders and facilitate the emergence of a strong consensus. More specifically:

  • We present you with business intelligence that provides strong basis for insights into your strategic framework for the future.
  • We lead listening tours of key stakeholders, both internal & external, using various methods including interviews, creative workshops and surveys.
  • We review your organisation’s strategic process, decision-making and governance practices and offer some options for better alignment.
  • We facilitate key conversations to promote a shared vision, innovative business model and clear objectives.
  • We articulate a comprehensive strategic plan integrating the resulting consensus to maximize engagement and encourage deployment.

Strategic and Executive Coaching

We support and coach executives and corporate directors with an integral development approach that works toward a mindful, collaborative and performing leadership.

Our holistic approach is enabling and empowering for you and your team when achieving organization’s goals.


Work with Board of Directors for enhancing the value added contribution and impact of Board members and generating fruitful collaboration with top management.

Our approach includes a listening tour of Board members and CEO, guided crucial conversations on issues at stake and formal training sessions. Our objective is to help your Board maintain best fiduciary and strategic governance practices while continuing to innovate and generate value.

Who You Are

Leaders and organisations from either private, public or NFP sectors who are engaged with multiple stakeholders and have an appetite for building together a sustainable and successful future.

You are facing organisational transformation and in maintaining your unique competitive advantages, such as a strong branded culture, an innovative and responsible governance, you wish for professional support.

Who Are We

Together we are a powerful blend of expertise in economics, strategy, international business development, large scale project management, systemic analysis and service design, governance and executive coaching. We act in a diversity of sectors and activities, whether it be finance and insurance, healthcare, economic development, public transit, launching, transferring and future-proofing businesses or organisational transformation.

Our Collaborators